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Library Cards

Canton residents

The library will issue cards to all children from birth through age 18 who reside in the City of Canton. Residents outside the City limits, but within Canton Union School District 66, see the section on Non-residents below.  At all times individuals are encouraged to use their own library cards and not those of family members.

Juveniles Birth through Grade 4

These children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when applying for a card for the first time. The adult must present proof of identification such as a driver’s license, photo I.D., etc. and proof of residency such as a current bill.

Juveniles Grade 5-8

These children may register without a parent present if staff can verify their residence in the phone book, the city directory, or in our system if other family members have cards. If acceptable verification cannot be made, these children will be told to return with a parent.

Young adults, Grade 9-12

Registration may be completed without a parent present if staff can verify their residence. Students may be asked to show a driver’s license or student I.D.

Non-Canton residents

While the current household fee for a non-resident card is $50 per year, children under the age of 18 living outside the City of Canton, but not in an existing library’s service area, are eligible for a free non-resident card.  Please contact the library for more details on eligibility.  This does include most children living within Canton Union School District boundaries.

The only exception is for residents of Dunfermline.  While residents of Dunfermline are in Canton School District, they are in Lewistown’s library district and must get their card at Lewistown’s library. After they have that card, they may bring it to the Parlin-Ingersoll Public Library and check out items.

If a child is not a resident of Canton School District, they may obtain a library card through their local library. They can bring that library card into the Parlin-Ingersoll Public Library and check out items reciprocally. We will need to verify address information based on the guidelines above.

Residents of the City of Canton will receive cards valid for 3 years.  Non-resident cards are valid for 1 year.  All privileges at the Parlin-Ingersoll Library are the same. Non-resident cards may be used at other libraries, which are participating in the non-resident reciprocal borrowing program.

Other rules may apply depending on extenuating circumstances.   For more details please see the Circulation Policies or call the library at 647-0328.

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Computer Policies

Children who have not yet graduated from 8th grade may access the Internet after a parent or legal guardian has first co-signed the initial Internet Use Agreement.  Children must be able to use computers independently without supervision if not accompanied by a parent.

Library computers are filtered. Filters can be removed upon request of a user 17 years or older provided use still complies with library policies.

Two computers are available for in-library use. They are preloaded with a variety of games suitable for preschool through 8th grade.

The library offers wireless access during library hours.

For more information, see the Internet and Computer Use Policy.

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Circulation Policies

On the first day you apply for a library card you may check out 3 items. Afterwards, as a general rule, the following loan limits apply:

Type of Material Length of checkout in days Maximum number out
Juvenile books 21 10
Juvenile magazines 21 5
Juvenile Audiobooks 21 2
Juvenile Musical CDs 14 2

Most items can be renewed two times if no one is waiting. Children can check out most items in the library. Overdue charges are .05 per day on most juvenile items and .15 per day on most adult items.

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