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Rick Brammer of ABSOLUTE SCIENCE was supposed to perform at the library during our summer reading program.  Of course, this is no longer possible due to restrictions from COVID-19, but the nice folks at ABSOLUTE SCIENCE have been gracious enough to share with the library and our patrons a number of their science videos.  There is a nice variety of videos, so we hope you find something you enjoy.

– Absolute Science Fire + Ice       
– Absolute Science Big Bang Bubbles
– Absolute Science Laser             
– Steve N TV Body Show             
– Absolute Science Mega Levitator

– Rick Eugene Magic                     

– Steve N TV Robot Dance Party    
– Absolute Science Bigger Bang Bubbles
– Kayleigh Rogers Magic                
– Steve N TV Optical Illusions        

– Rick’s Short Show #1                    

– Absolute Science Foam Show   
– Rick’s Short Show #2                  


Summer Reading FAQ

Q- Is this year’s Summer Reading Program completely online?

A- Completely? No. Some of the big performers we had scheduled originally have prepared to do their shows digitally. We also have a program sponsored by Girl Scouts of Central Illinois that will be through Zoom and Ms. Tiffany has recorded some fun science experiment videos as well. Otherwise, you can come in and visit the library to record your reading logs, pick up your Craft Kits, Activity Kits, and weekly prizes. We also have the iSpy display case the children can complete a sheet for to enter to win a bigger prize which will have to be done in the library. We tried to cater the best we could given the circumstances to the children who are probably tired of doing everything online because of the way school ended.

Q- Do my child’s minutes/books have to come from the library?

A- Nope. We would appreciate it if they did, but as long as the children are reading, that is good enough for us!

Q- Can I take my child’s reading log home?

A- Unfortunately no. All the reading logs are staying in the library as usual and will only be touched by staff members. To record your minutes/books, you will give your child’s name to the staff member at the Reading Log table and once they have your child’s sheet out, then you will let them know how much your child read for the week.

Q- How to we get our Craft Kits and/or Activity Kits?

A- There are two ways you can get your kits. First of all, you can come in like usual and pick them up from their respective tables. The Craft Kits will be on the two tables near the Tween books, the Pre-K through 2nd grade Activity Kits will be on the back table nearest where the kitchen set was, and the 3rd through 8th grade Activity Kits will be above the J Graphic Novels in the Tween area. Secondly, if you do a “Call in, Carry out” order, you can ask for however many Kits you need, and they will be pulled with your books.

Q- What are the themes for the Kits?

A- Please see the back of our Summer Reading flier. Every Kit’s theme is on the back, as well at what the “Walk and Read” book is for that week and what science experiment will be shared from our Youtube Channel. If you would like to see any examples, feel free to ask Ms. Tiffany in person, or by phone, e-mail, or a Facebook message.

Q- How do we get prizes?

A- Once you tell the staff at the log table how much you’ve read for the week; you can walk over to the prize wall to figure out what prize you want. The prizes are numbered, so once you find which one you want, please tell the staff at the prize table what number you would like and they can hand it to you. With coupons, not every coupon is pictured so you might have to ask what there is. Currently we have a dip cone from the Sweet Shoppe, a crunchy or soft taco from Taco Bell, a small fry or hash round from Hardees, a regular chocolate, vanilla, or twist cone from the Shake Shack, rent one get one free movie from Family Video, and a 8” pizza from Monical’s. Some of these are very limited so we may not have some after the first couple weeks.

Q- How do we earn bigger prizes?

A- For bigger prizes, you will be earning entry tickets to choose what you will get a chance to win. You can earn these tickets by reading more than the 2 hours/10 books per week, completing an iSpy Case card, turning in a completed “Who’s that book character?” sheet, participating in the “Walk and Read” around the library, and commenting on any video links that may be posted.

Q- What are the bigger prizes?

A- We have 5 containers to put tickets in on a table next to the door to Ms. Tiffany and Ben’s office space. There are 4 tickets to the Peoria Riverfront Museum, 2 tickets to 4 different Peoria Park District facilities, 2 VIP tickets to Elevate on Allen Rd in Peoria, and an $80 Wal-mart gift card. The 5th container is a chance to choose out of our bigger prize bucket, which we will be pulling at least 25 tickets from. The bigger prize bucket has $5 Family video gift cards, tickets to a game of bowling at Linn Lanes, an Ada Twist Prize pack, shirts, bigger toys, and some advance reader’s copies of books.

Q- What if we can’t or don’t want to come into the library? How do we record our minutes and get our prizes?

A- We encourage you to try to come into the library and let your child pick out their prize. That is the most fun part for the kids! However, we do understand that some participants may be immunocompromised and would prefer to not spend time in the library around others. In that case, please call the library and ask for Ms. Tiffany. She will record your minutes/books for you/your child and then either ask you what prize you would like or pick out a prize for you if you don’t care. Then your child’s prize will be treated like a “Call-in, Carry out” order and will be waiting at the front desk.

Q- Is it too late to register?

A- Not at all! We will keep taking registrations until our program is over, but we will only let you record your minutes/books starting from the week you signed up.

Dino O’Dell was another perform who was supposed to visit us at the library, but, of course, he couldn’t be with us.  But he has been gracious enough to share with us a link to a YouTube video.  Hop over and check it out today!